The American Lineman, will go down in history as one of the foremost history books of the trade, and stand beside books like “Slim the Lineman” as to the importance of these men and women who have done this work since the early 1800’s
— Bill Bosch, Chairman/Founder National Association of Journeymen Linemen
The greatest historical book about linemen ever written.
— Andy Price, Founder International Lineman Museum and Hall of Fame
Amazing compilation of facts, stories and pictures of the American Lineman. Drew’s knowledge and passion for this industry shines through on every page. This book is a must, not only for lineman and those that are associated with the industry, but anyone who appreciates a history lesson on our great country!
— Matthew Compher, Senior Vice President Safety, Health & Environmental PLH Group
A robust and epic documentary of the first order. Brim full of stunning facts and details commanding a previously neglected void in electrical technological history. Communication and electric power lineman soar to great heights within this immersing and colorful chronicle. Alan Drew’s masterful distillation of drama, pathos and technological triumph basks the reader in an impassioned afterglow to linger long after the first pages are turned.
— Doug G. Schema, Founder & Curator The Electric Orphanage
It is an amazing book. It is, in itself, a piece of history that fills in all of the blanks one might have about the development of our trade up to this point. Alan has created a Masterpiece that explains all aspects of our trade from the birth of Telegraph Lineman and development of the tools and methods including the art, language and culture of Linework up to the in the modern day.. Alan is the “Professor of Linework.” If you are a Lineman, you really need to own this book… period.
— Byron Dunn, Editor Powerlineman Magazine
The American Lineman is well written, beautifully illustrated and a true testimony to the history of linemen.
— Dan Kratofil, Line Foreman Ravalli Electric Cooperative