Alan Drew


The son of a power company executive, 2008 International Lineman Hall of Fame inductee Alan Drew has been climbing poles since he was six years old. His lifelong dedication to the power delivery industry has made him a leading historian on its rich American heritage. Northwest Lineman College gave Alan the opportunity to explore and write an in-depth chronicle of the evolution of the trade; the result is The American Lineman.

The American Lineman is dedicated to all power, communications, military, and traction linemen throughout the United States, both living and deceased, and is intended to be a tribute to your efforts, commitment, and accomplishments. Each of you has done your job regardless of the various types of associated risks.

This dedication is also intended to recognize and foster appreciation for those linemen who have endured risk and hardships restoring service in the myriad of catastrophic weather events that have occurred over the years, and for the support, understanding, and sacrifices wives and families have made when the call of duty has beckoned.

Each of you, in some way, has helped install or maintain these vital assets of power, communications, and transportation systems, which are the lifeblood of our country. It is my sincere wish that this book will provide a small token of reward for your efforts.

Each of you is an American hero.

—Alan Drew