The American Lineman is an anthology focused on the rich traditions and history of power delivery. As a coffee table book featuring over 500 pages of historical and monumental passages and photographs, The American Lineman honors the legacy of lineworkers and power delivery professionals throughout the industry. Never before has a book so beautifully captured the importance of this great trade, making it the perfect gift for power delivery employees and retirees, family members and friends close to the trade, as well as American history enthusiasts.


Each copy purchased here of The American Lineman will include the signature of the author and International Lineman Hall of Fame inductee, Alan Drew (only when purchased at www.theamericanlineman.com).


Show your appreciation for the incredible individuals that work so hard to keep the lights on by purchasing The American Lineman at www.theamericanlineman.com today.




The Greatest Historical collection about the History of Linemen ever written
— Andy Price, Founder Internatonal Lineman Museum and Hall of Fame